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Our aligners are the clearest available, and fit better than other aligners meaning they're less noticeable - isn't that the point?


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Tina H.

I'm very happy so far. Everything has been as expected, teeth movement, product quality, and instructions. Each set of aligners just snaps into place, and the customer service has been superb. I'm so glad I chose Smilelove over the other aligner companies.

Amanda R.

So far it's been great. Got my kit early and just waiting to get a response back for approval on my practice molds. So simple, I love it.

Michelle S.

Years I have wanted to correct my teeth, but other financial priorities came first. Finally can do this for me with this cost savings procedure.

Melissa B.

Was able to pay with my HSA card. Arrived on time and complete order. Have had questions about the process and they have been answered promptly via email.


Best customer service out there! Went above and beyond to answer all my questions and explaining everything to me! Oh and nobody notices my aligners because they are so clear and perfect fit for my teeth!

Jared P.

Smilelove is incredible! They treated me as a unique individual case, not just another customer. They’ve always answered my questions quickly and honestly and I feel so much more confident in my smile. Smilelove's amazing pricing made it easy to fix my smile even while attending college.

Kaley I.

So far, the price is much better than any other company I’ve seen, especially for someone who is living month to month. The customer service was super nice and super helpful, I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a more affordable way to straighten their teeth.

Misty H.

I was uncomfortable with the look of my smile but even more uncomfortable with the idea of having metal braces in my 30s. I’m a busy mom of 2 who didn’t want to run to the dentist over and over and pay like crazy. Smilelove offered a simple, good looking, cost effective option. It worked and I love my smile now!

Jordanna M.

From beginning to end it was an incredible experience. I can't even tell you how grateful I am that Smilelove exists. They gave me so much more that just straight teeth. They gave me back a piece of myself that I had lost long ago. My self-confidence has returned and now all I do is smile.