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Don't pay twice! Use your Insurance, HSA or FSA.

September 19, 2017


You're paying for insurance you might as well be using it. Smilelove Clear Aligners are covered by a multitude of dental insurance providers that offer HSA. In most cases you can get a portion of your aligner cost covered. The cost of the Impression Kit may not covered by insurance.  


HSA stands for health spending account, and are great to have. HSA's are offered by employers so you can spend on what you like and may cover yoga, golf, cosmetic procedures, etc. You'll have to check with your insurance company on this, and each employer offers different benefits.

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To use your HSA, just go to the checkout page and use them like you would a normal credit card and submit a reimbursement form that is available by your employer. 

Give your smile the love it deserves and saves money with your HSA! It is that easy! For those that would like to see results from US customers on how their clear aligners straighten teeth - click here.

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