Full Refund Policy

Full Refund Policy 

Smilelove’s foundational principle is the happiness of our customers. If you receive your preview and are unsatisfied with the results we can give you, we will issue a refund less penalties and fees. A preview is a graphical representation of before and after images of the progress you will receive by using SMILELOVE CUSTOM CLEAR ALIGNERS. Previews are delivered to you electronically, and viewed on your own device three weeks after we perform a scan or receive your kit back. 

IMPRESSION KITS are ineligible for a refund due to hygienic reasons. All other non-custom Smilelove products are eligible for a return thirty (30) days from the date of purchase. To be eligible for a return and a refund, the non-custom made product must be unopened, unused and in the same condition that you received it. 

If you request a refund or our licensed dental team determines that our process is not a good fit, a refund case will be opened by Smilelove with specific steps outlined. 

Once you’ve received and approved the Treatment Preview for your SMILELOVE CUSTOM CLEAR ALIGNERS, refunds are only allowed for manufacturing defects. A gap on the bottom of the aligner is not indicative of an incorrectly manufactured aligner, and aligners may need to be buffed and trimmed at home. Each aligner is custom made, and aligners in production and/or manufactured aligners are ineligible for a return or refund.

In the unlikely scenario that you are unhappy with the results after completing your treatment, we are happy to work with you to determine what the issue may be, and will help you achieve the results of your original Treatment Preview. 

All refunds will require a case to be opened by the refund team and may take up to 90 days for review. If the refund case is approved, it will take 14 business days to issue after case conclusion by the Refund Team, and will be returned to the customer via the customer's original purchasing method only. Banks will typically return funds within 3 business days. Refunds are calculated as the purchase price less your Impression Kit and any costs and/or penalties. Costs and penalties are any expenses incurred by Smilelove including any labour, materials, administration, etc. The fees are (but no limited to): $200 (for the first Impression Kit, shipping & handling, and administration), $50 for any replacement Impression Kits, $50 per Impression Specialist session, and $100 per Treatment Preview/Modified Treatment Preview produced by our team. 

In the unlikely scenario that you are unhappy with the results after your treatment, and you have complied with all the Aligner wear and care instructions, we will work with you to determine the cause. Refinement aligners that are the result of not following your Treatment Plan completely, the cost will be determined when impressions are received, but will typically be $499. You understand that Smilelove cannot guarantee any specific results or outcomes. You understand that Smilelove Canada cannot guarantee any specific results or outcomes and a 90% attainment to your treatment preview is considered a treatment success. Impression Specialists are not dentists, dental surgeons, dental practiotioners, orthodontist, etc., and will guide you on how to take proper impressions when you make them at home.

For refunds on Monthly Payment Plans past 30 days, there is a 2.95% charge on the balance due to processing fees with our financing vendor. For refund requests past 3 months, additional penalties will be calculated and deducted from the refund amount for cancellation of treatment. For PayPal purchases, refunds issued minus any PayPal processing fees as per PayPal's refund policy. 

Replacement Impression Kit's provided for Fast Track Bundle and Monthly Payment plan purchases are $50. In the case that a refund is given before a Treatment Preview is provided, there will be a charge for the Impression Kits, any replacement Impression Kits provided, plus penalties and fees. 

You understand that the entire process may take up to 6 months from depending on when Smilelove Canada receives your impressions/scan back and pictures uploaded. No refunds will be allowed for purchases past 5 months. 

We will post any changes to our Privacy Policy on our Website or in the Application. If we make material changes to our Privacy Policy, we may notify you of such changes through your contact information and invite you to review (and accept, if necessary) the changes.

We may change this Refund Policy at any time. It is our policy to post any changes we make to our Refund Policy on this page with a notice that the Refund Policy has been updated on the Website’s or Application’s footer. The date this Refund Policy was last revised is identified at the bottom of the page. You are responsible for periodically visiting our Website or the Application and this Refund Policy to check for any changes.

Last updated March 21, 2021.